Howie's Speech

Photos contributed by Marc Steingart

I woke up this morning in a hotel near the Pittsburgh airport, crying.  

    I felt a crushing sadness for my Mom and Dad and all the other departed 

relatives and friends who have gone and left this earth.  I felt like I understood 

the guy who wrote, YOU CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN.


    And yet, the tears dry . . . again.  And here we are!  We made it!  We’re 

still here!!!


    We are the Class of ’66.  How ya doin’, campers?


    We came from at least three different neighborhoods, separated by geography, 

cultures, and creeds . . . and we were asked in high school to become one.  In some 

ways, we did pretty well.  In others, we were totally clueless.

    It has also been the task of America, that out of the many, we become one.  

And we’re still at it.


    It has been an honor to be your class president.  Who knew it was gonna be a 

lifetime job?  Yet, here I am, fifty years later, still making speeches and trying, 

somehow, to still be relevant.


    So, let me say this:


    I’ve always admired the phrase, “The worker is hidden in the workshop.”  As 

far as the Class of ’66 is concerned, we owe a lot to the Reunion Committee for 

all the work they’ve done.  In effect, they’ve become the real class officers and our 

leaders of today . . . and we applaud and thank them.  It’s been their job and they’ve

done it well.


               (Applause For Reunion Committee)


    But tonight, I also want to acknowledge some other classmates, who on their 

own, have stepped up and made some vital contributions to help us all feel the 

continued spirit of the Class of ’66. 

    Y’know, I’m far away in California and I keep up with everybody in different 

ways.  Looking from back there, these are three people whose names have popped 

up on my screen a lot.  These are three people who have kept the Class of ’66 spirit 

alive and well.  They have helped us renew friendships and brought pleasure into 

our lives.  Tonight, I want to recognize them and honor them with a special 

Presidential Citation.  


    To present these awards, I invite our two Senior Class Vice Presidents to come 

up here and join me . . . ELLIS AVNER and JAY REICH.  This is the first time we’ve 

all been back together on a stage in fifty years.  

    And I’d also like to call up JOY GOBOS McNALLY, too, our Homecoming Queen 

to present the third award.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the 

Class of ’66 Spirit Awards go to MIKE PASCAL, JoANN WEINSTEIN ERFER,