Reunion Planning Survey

Hi folks.  The Reunion Committee is planning our next reunion.  Hold June 25, 2022 for the event.

Please help us plan a great event and answer a few questions.


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1)   * Does the weekend of June 25, 2022 seem OK for you?

2)   * At this early date do you plan on attending events that weekend?

3)   * The 55th reunion is scheduled for Saturday evening, June 25, 2022. Do you plan to attend the reunion.

Yes No
4)   * Will you attend with a significant other?

Yes No
5)   Would you be interested in attending a Friday evening, June 24 reception?

Yes No
6)   Would you be interested in a Sunday morning or afternoon get together?

Yes No
7)   * If price is a factor in your attending the weekend events is $100-$150 per person or $50-$100 your preference.

Please answer your preference as to a cost for the weekend events.
8)   Would you need a hotel room?

Yes No
9)   Would you need transportation to any of the events?

Yes No
This would not include getting to Pittsburgh from another city. This would basically a ride to any of the functions from (example) your hotel.
10)   * Could you be a sponsor to help reduce the cost of attending for everyone (including you) by contributing $250 or more?

Yes No
11)   Would you be willing to help with setup, etc?

Yes No